7 Style Secrets Every Stylish Woman Knows

7 Style Secrets Every Stylish Woman Knows

We all have at least one woman that we look up to with her seemingly effortless and always oh so put together look. And if you’re interested in how to be like her, then check out these clever tips put together from experts that will help you achieve that look every time.

1.Step out of your comfort zone

It never hurts to try something new. Whether that includes a bright new hue that stands out from your usual neutral palette, or shifting from skinny jeans to a boyfriend silhouette, great style is built from trying new things. Who knows what trends you might discover you love.

2.Know that personal style is about re-wearing and enjoying it.

No matter what your actual aesthetic is—whether mad and wild or super-simple, it’s important to feel comfortable rewearing your clothes. This might sound obvious to many but we have fallen into a trap of needing “new” all the time, equating it to looking good.

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This is certainly not the sentiment anyone truly chic will share—so have confidence in what you like and find ways to keep on a-styling. More and more influencers are bucking the trend for shopping endlessly, and instead extolling the virtues of cost-per-wear and the items that keep them happy on repeat.

3. Dress for the Weather and the Occasion

This might sound obvious yet some seem to miss the memo. Dressing sensibly is definitely a must for stylish women. One key to this is layering. Not only does layering add a stylish look but its extremely functional.

Also, when it comes to dressing for the occasional, always aim for more overdressed than underdressed. It is better to be a bit overdressed than a bit under and feel self-conscious about how your outfit looks.

4. Own at least one conversation piece

Sometimes, you need that pure “wow” factor. Whether it’s a vintage dress from your mom’s closet, an amazing of over-the-knee boots, or an enviable handbag, keep something for the days when you need to really show up stylish.

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5. Absorb style inspo from anyone and everyone

We’re not talking about full head-to-toe style jacking here, but if you love the way someone has layered a piece or wears certain combinations together, then don’t be afraid to jot it down and pull the idea out at some point. Two stylish heads are better than one, right?

6. Take Proper Care of Your Clothes

Keep your clothes looking nice and help them last longer. Separate them and wash them according to their labels. Fold them and hang them appropriately after or in between washes. Also, never lounge around in your nice “outside” clothes. Just another reason why those stylish women always look so polished and great, their clothes are well taken care of and it shows.

7. Invest in basics that fit

Basics aren’t really basics, they can be the foundation of extremely simple and fashionable choices. Do you ever wonder why some woman looks great in a skinny jeans, white button-up, and heels? You need just a minute to think of the look, but you need more time for planning to ensure your pieces fit perfectly.

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