6 Fashion Mistakes You Need to Avoid

6 Fashion Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and being creative. You can try out different styles according to your mood and personality. But when buying an outfit or dressing up, it’s always good to make sure that we’re on the lookout for ways an outfit just won’t work for us.

So here are seven ways to easily avoid fashion mistakes so you can always look your best and save money.

1.Trying to look older

If it is an elegant event held outdoors, perhaps because it is your first opportunity to go formal, the emotion can push you to make the wrong choices. It is good wanting to look discreet regarding the design of your garments, but it is not advisable that at your age you attend so covered up to an outdoor celebration; if you do, don’t be surprised when getting confused with any of the chaperones.

2. You Think Sweatshirts Are Strictly Casual Wear

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Once strictly for athletes, gym-goers, and errand-runners, the humble sweatshirt has risen to become a very stylish staple. Need proof? Top designers like Phillip Lim Kenzo, Karen Walker, and Cynthia Rowley have been showcasing versions that are printed and embellished, while street-style stars started pairing their swingy skirts with sweatshirts, skinny trousers, and statement necklaces. And we’re not only taking about designer versions, either—your old heather-gray Hanes sweatshirt will do the trick nicely.

3. Not wearing your size

Sometimes we tend to buy clothes that are smaller or bigger than our real size. We have to stop this habit. People should realize that wearing too small doesn’t always flaunt our assets. Wearing bigger clothes do hide our jelly bellies but, we sometimes look far worse than what we thought.

Always keep in mind that we need to accept our sizes no matter what and wear our size. Embracing our size makes us more confident because we feel comfortable with our clothes and we don’t look that we’re trying too hard.

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4. Forgetting your style

You don’t have to look like someone else to be trendy. Maintain your style by choosing clothes that you like and that fit your body type; The key to being elegant is picking clothes with a little more style than the ones you wear on a daily basis. For example, if you are a girl who loves black, look for Jovani prom dresses that have small details in lace or pebbles to look different and a little more formal.

5. You Think ‘Classics’ Have to Cost a Ton of Money

Most women can’t—or prefer not to—drop a ton of cash on clothes every season, even on staples we’re told will always be in style. That’s why off-price retailers such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Century 21 are so great for scoring real designer pieces at a fraction of the cost. Even several fast-fashion stores like Zara, ASOS, and Uniqlo are upping their game and quality, offering an array of timeless pieces such as wool overcoats, leather Chelsea boots, silk blouses and wool and cashmere sweaters at seriously wallet-friendly prices.

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6. Washing all your clothes the same way

Don’t be lazy about this. All you need to do is read your clothes caring instructions everytime you purchase one. Or know your fabric. You can’t just mix your jeans with your satin dress.

Or dry all your clothes directly under the sun. This is just one of the many things that busiest people are not aware of. We grew up separating colored clothes to white ones and dark ones.

But there’s actually more than that. Some clothes may shrink, change its color, because of us ignoring the instructions. So, start taking care of your clothes. You’ll see how these clothes will last for years to come.